• Duration : 2 Hours
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  • Price : 2.240 TL

Paragliding is definitely the best thing to do in Oludeniz, and Oludeniz is definitely the best place on Earth to do it! Babadağ is considered to be a perfect design for paragliding. The height and location of the mountain give us the best wind, and the rest of nature gives us the best view possible from up above on Earth. Deepblue Paragliding offers you flights with master-pilots who takes the required tests and health checks each year. With such experience, you will have the best moves and the safest flight. Just to make you sure, paragliding for our guests is not a big deal. All you have to do is follow the instructions of your pilot when you jump- which is just taking a few steps down the hill when asked.  Each flight takes between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the weather conditions.  Our pilots may take you as high as 2000 metres, and you will be amazed by the view from that point.


MINIMUM AGE:            --4--

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  • Mehmet Öğütveren
    02.02.2017 13:34:50

    Her şey için teşekkürler.

  • Bora Kılıç
    31.07.2017 10:03:41

    Hakan Bey sayesinde muhteşem bir yamaç paraşütü deneyimi yaşadım. Pilot Mehmet Aksoy Bey da gerçekten bu işi çok iyi bilen biri. Mutlaka tavsiye ederim. 10 numara 5 yıldız bir yer.

  • Kevser koç
    14.08.2017 13:43:16

    Pilotlardan Hıncal ve Ferdi ye çok teşekkürederim... sakinleştirip, telkinlerde bulunmada çok başarılılardı😊iyi pilotlarla uçmak gerek😉

  • Sema Uykar
    14.08.2017 17:03:38

    Eğlenceli zevkli bir uçuş istiyorsanız kesinlikle pilot hıncal beyi seçin. Yanında kendinizi güvende hissediyorsunuz. Cesaret verip sakinleştirdigi için hıncal beye çok teşekkürler. Şiddetle tavsiye edilir👍

  • Firuzan
    28.08.2017 14:55:29

    Mamii ile uçtuk ve Harika ötesiydi 👍🏼👍🏼😎 yine gelip yine uçacağım😎😎

  • Serap Demirkaya
    15.09.2017 09:08:49

    Herkese tavsiye ediyorum hayatınız boyunca bunu yapmadıysan eğer kesinlikle kaçırmayın :) yapacaksınız eğer Deep blue bu konuda ve tüm aktiviteler konusunda çok iyiler. Ekip enerjik, pozitif,güler yüz ve çok eğlenceliler. Paraşüt konusunda Cihan Bey'i tercih de edebilirsiniz :) herkese şimdiden iyi uçuşlar :)

  • Trevor Johnson
    14.10.2017 22:32:19

    Having complete several solo sky dives I felt this was a great opportunity to experience another mode of flight, it was amazing. My partner Jan and I were treated very well from the time of making the initial enquiry, we were shown a recording of the take off area and the flight plus an assurance for me that assistance on landing would be available as I have a fused ankle. At no time did we feel any pressure to take a flight, it was our decision, the same cannot be said by other operators on the beach front. A truly professional approach and backed up by two amazing pilots from the team of seven, fantastic service well done to all. See you again next year

  • Teresa Wood
    20.10.2017 18:39:21

    Had my first experience of paragliding during a recent holiday in Oludeniz. Found Deep Blue to be a very professional company and I had complete faith in my pilot Ferdi. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would have no hesitation in recommending Deep Blue.

  • Emrah Yiğit
    17.04.2018 19:57:03

    Deep Blue şirketi uçuş konusunda gerçekten çok kaliteli pilotlara sahip hepsi cok iyi niyetli ve eglenceli pilotlar bence uçuş yapmak isteyen arkadaşlar uçuşun tadını çıkarmak isteyenler deep blue yu seçsin pisman olmayacaksiniz ....kaliteli ve guvenli uçuşun tek adresidir deep blue

  • Emrah Yiğit
    17.04.2018 20:06:33

    Deep Blue şirketi uçuş konusunda gerçekten çok kaliteli pilotlara sahip hepsi cok iyi niyetli ve eglenceli pilotlar bence uçuş yapmak isteyen arkadaşlar uçuşun tadını çıkarmak isteyenler deep blue yu seçsin pisman olmayacaksiniz ....kaliteli ve guvenli uçuşun tek adresidir deep blue

  • Richie Barrow
    01.06.2018 21:50:37

    I done the paragliding on day 2 of my holiday and what an amazing experience! The views were outstanding and the pilot was 1st class. Money well worth spent. The sales team on the ground were pleasant and gave an incredible service. I was so impressed I done done it all again on day 4 and wasn’t disappointed! I received that same high standards of service and pilot

    13.10.2018 13:11:41

    Absolutely fantastic paragliding experience. Good pilots. Great fun. Would definitely use these guys again.

  • Erhan HURASAN

    Merhaba; Öncelikle bu organizasyona katılmamda yardım ve desteğini hiç esirgemeyen Gökhan bey’e sonrada profesyonel eğitmen hocam olan Murat bey’e çok çok teşekkür ediyorum. İlgi ve alaka ikramlar sıcak kanlı yaklaşım hepsi deepblue’da...

  • Taz Fenton

    PARAGLIDING & BOT CRUISE Was very good and great service and good price professional staff, and the paragliding was great with (Ekrem aboli ) guider was very friendly and professional and kind helpful I really recommended to have this experience with this company and specially Ekrem I will add photo to see

  • Matt Fox

    Absolute Fantastic Experience; My heart was in my mouth. "What the hell are you doing?" Were my thoughts as we journeyed to the 2000 metre peak above. I am a 62 year old man with a recently replaced right knee. Yes I know "idiot", so did I. Mostpha was my pilot. Excellent and competent. The first 30 seconds my heart was still in my mouth but then a calm came over me. There is nothing better. You are floating on wind, the views are spectacular, the adrenaline rush is invigorating. We landed next to the beach. Make sure you get them to take photos and videos. I will do it again. Matt

  • Stanislov Alex

    Потрясающий полёт. Прыгали с парашютом. Параглайдинг. Безумно понравилось! Экстрим! Адреналин! Вид сверху потрясающий. Всем рекомендую попробовать.

  • Kaan

    Unbeschreiblich tolles Feeling Mein Mann und ich können Deep Blue vom ganzen Herzen nur empfehlen. Super Beratung, tolles Team, faire Preise und ein unvergessliches Erlebnis. Gökhan, Serdar und Ilknur waren sehr hilfreich und super nett. Haben uns die Angst genommen mit netten Gesprächen, Freundlichkeit ist das A und O im Team. Bedanken uns hier noch einmal sehr gerne an das Deep Blue Team. Beste Grüße Ebru und Kaan

  • Tim

    AMAZING - Take-off to Landing; As a veteran Paraglider Pilot of 29 years (also Tandem pilot) I was cynical and critical of all aspects of this operation. I didnt want to PAY for someone else to fly ME. My son 13 yrs, daughter 10 yrs and wife all decided to do this. None had flown with me before. From reception, transport, takeoff flight and landing. Everything was perfect. Pilots were happy, safe and enthusiastic for us all. Scenery was mind blowing. Videos and photo supplied were outstanding. Simply cant fault our families experience . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Ventura

    非常棒 超棒的体验,小哥帅得一塌糊涂,还很暖。一路照顾有加,拍了很美得照片!推荐!!如果不是很舒服一定要说不要转圈,不要摇晃,小哥会很照顾的。

  • Ece Civelek

    Cok keyifli bir deneyimdi. O kadar eglenceli ve guvenilir bir ekip var ki oncesinde ttedirgin olan arkadasimiz bile indiginde tekrar ucmak istedigini soyledi. Bu seruvenimizin basindan sonuna kadar bizimle ilgilenen Sercan beye ozellikle tesekkur ederiz, cektigi fotograflar o kadar guzeldi ki aralarindan eleme yapamadik. Bu unutulmaz deneyimi herkesin yasamasini tavsiye ediyoruz.